Marcelle Flawless Skin Fusion Foundation and Concealer Review

In a recent trip to the drugstore, I purchased the Marcelle foundation and concealer. I was in need of a new foundation and concealer, and I had heard good things about the Marcelle ones, so I thought I would try it out. I tried both of them multiple times, and I wore the lightest shades for a full day each time. Here are my thoughts:



  • Blends easily and smoothly
  • Feels natural
  • Doesn’t feel greasy to touch
  • The foundation has a pump
  • The concealer has a very nice applicator


  • A little does not go a long way
  • Concealer is very yellow
  • Broke up on my nose
  • A little blotchy
  • Foundation has a funny smell


I have oily, acne prone skin, and I found that this foundation did not wear well on my skin, and it had spread a part on my face after about four hours. The concealer had creased very badly under my eyes, and still had a yellow-ish tint to it.

4 Hours after Application:

  • Breaking up on skin
  • Doesn’t feel greasy to touch
  • Still quite matte
  • Foundation has started to spread a part
  • Transfers onto fingers
  • Concealer has creased under the eyes

7 Hours after Application:

  • T-Zone very shiny
  • Still doesn’t feel greasy to touch
  • Foundation had rubbed off in some areas
  • Dark circles had reappeared under the eyes


The foundation was very runny (it ran down my hand), and it had a dewy finish, but matte with powder. The coverage was light, but buildable (I used 2.5 pumps and still had some dark spots peaking through).

Overall, the foundation and concealer did not work for my skin; however, I feel like if you have normal to dry skin, and looking for a light, everyday foundation and concealer, these could work very well for you.


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